With the help of VPN you can:
  • Protect our internet connection against hacking and identity theft
  • Change your IP address
  • Go through firewalls
  • Use blocked websites
fvpn network
What can you use VPN for?
  • To protect you internet connection when using public wifi spots in hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, etc.
  • To bypass access restrictions to various web sites, for example facebook.com, twitter.com, youtube.com, etc.
  • To bypass access restrinctions when using various programs like Skype, ICS, MSN, etc.
What is VPN?
There are 3 basic application of the virtual private networks - transfering the work load via remote access, extending internet and intranet networks. The savings you get when replacing hundreds of hired lines with VPN networks go up to 75-80%. Vitual private networks usualy encrypt the traffic between the hosts and thus contricute to the network security of your organization.
FVPN is a fast and efficient VPN client