What is the protocol used by FVPN?
Currently FVPN uses PPTP protocol. We intent to add other in the near future.
Do I need to configure my internet access router?
Most routers are preconfigured to allow PPTP connections. With some models though, you need to set "PPTP pass through" mode in order to use our service.
Is my connection protected?
Yes, your connection uses 128-bit encription.
What operating system do I need in order to use FVPN?
FVPN works with Windows XP, Vista and 7. If you use Windows XP you need the .NET 2.0 framework. During the instalation process of FVPN a check will me made, and if required the .NET 2.0 framework will be installed with your consent.
Can I use FVPN with Linux?
Linux-based operating systems are not currently supported.
Can I use a single account on multiple computers simultaniously?
No, you can't. One account can be used by only one computer at time.
Can I have a static IP address?
No. Currently we don't offer static IP addresses.
How can I contact you for more informartion?
You can contact us using our contact form